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Brass Tacks NON-TRADITIONAL SOLUTIONS ARE NEVER THE SAME Because of this, we can only give you some estimated averages* *These averages are updated monthly. Consultation$0consultations are freeContact UsHourly$276per hourContact UsMonthly$5998per monthContact Us

GoDaddy vs. Cloudways

Everyone has become so used to GoDaddy over the years. They are a great host for small sites and blogs. Their prices for VPS hosting are almost unbeatable. But when you get down to the nitty gritty, GoDaddy can only…

The Marketing Funnel Is Dead

Are you still using a Marketing Funnel to run your online business? Didn’t you get the memo? The funnel died years ago. If you’re still funneling your marketing campaigns for any online e-commerce business, you can be doing a lot…



Non-Traditional Solutions FOR YOUR NON-TRADITIONAL BUSINESS LET US HELP YOU GET BACK ON TRACK SOLUTIONS CUSTOM WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? FINANCING AVAILABLE Chronic Research and Development We Specialize In Non-Traditional Solutions favorite_outlinePrideAt CHRONIC RD, we take pride in everything…


From Real Clients Our Clients Testimonials The testimonials visible here were left by clients or taken from our LinkedIn page. They can all be verified back to the original author. For references, please contact us.

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Dedicated Professionals On Call For You Jenny EpsonCEOJenny is currently CHRONIC RD’s CEO. She and TB have known each other for many years. She met TB at Google in 2005 and they have been close ever since. Jenny spends all…

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What We Can Do For You YOU ENDED UP HERE FOR A REASON You might have heard about us from a friend or colleague… You might have seen our name in a link… Learn MorehelpConsultingsearchSearch Engine Optimizationbranding_watermarkBrandingbar_chartAnalyticstrack_changesMarketingwebGoogleWe always have a…

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